Our Story

Cedar is on a mission to help pest professionals automate their business.

We are field service experts who believe that technology can help get pest professionals out of the office and back to serving their customers.

Pest control is a complex industry that requires incredibly talented professionals to solve hard problems. Yet, many pest control providers are inundated with petty tasks, spreadsheets, and disconnected systems. Our goal is to help pest professionals reduce the noise and get their time back.

Why pest control? Because we believe in this remarkable industry. Cedar was founded by field service experts and technologists who understand that pest control significantly impacts the lives of millions of people every day.

Pest control directly impacts public health, infrastructure, and quality of life. We exist to support the heroic professionals doing this work every day.

Pest control has never had great technology - until now.

We've listened to our customers and brought the best of modern software to pest control providers. We aim to help pest control business owners communicate with their customers, automate petty tasks, and gain clarity over their business. By providing our customers with a digital pest ecosystem, we help our customers from point-of-sale to operations to reports and insights.

It's time software served pest control better.

Together, we're building the future of pest control.