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The Best Referral Partners for Pest Control Companies: How To Boost Your Business With New Customers From Referrals

Referrals can make or break any business — and figuring out the best ways to get them can unlock your current revenue and provide for your company’s long-term growth. 

But how do you know who to team up with to get optimal results in your networking efforts? Where do you find the best referral partners for pest control companies?

We’ve got you covered. Here’s our list of your best options for pest control referral partners that will help get you high-quality leads and boost your business.

7 Best Referral Partners for Pest Control Companies

There are plenty of businesses, groups, and even your existing customers, who know people that would benefit from the services your pest control company has to offer. 

All you need to do is find them and build a strong relationship so that when the people in their circles need a pest control company, your business immediately pops into their minds. Here are seven of the best places to look for referral partners for your pest control company.

#1: Realtors

We believe that the #1 best referral partner for pest control companies is realtors. Realtors are in houses and offices day in and day out and are connected to people from all walks of life, including new and existing homeowners and people who are moving into the area.

NPMA-33 Inspections 

Realtors are a great resource for NPMA-33 inspections. NPMA-33 inspections fall into the category of generic pre-home inspections and are also required to qualify for certain types of loans, including VA (Veterans Administration) loans.

This is a common type of inspection people must get in many parts of the country to find evidence of wood-destroying insects, such as: 

  • Termites
  • Carpenter ants
  • Carpenter bees; and 
  • Wood boring beetles

NPMA-33 inspections aren’t complicated to perform and are a great high-profit margin inspection for pest control companies.

People New to the Area

Realtors are also a fantastic source for referrals from their clients who have moved in from another area and haven't gotten plugged into the community yet. 

The realtor is often the first person their clients will inquire to for connections — including referrals for the best pest control company in the area.

#2: Referral Networks

Referral networks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from local to national. Here are three of the largest, most easily accessible referral networks for pest control companies. 

Business Network International

Business Network International, commonly referred to as BNI, is a business referral organization that supports over 300,000 businesses in 75+ countries. In 2022, they reported that their members had generated upwards of $20.4 billion in revenue through over 13 million referrals.

BNI provides both online and local chapters with many easily accessible opportunities for networking and referrals.

Only one business in any particular industry can join an individual BNI chapter, so becoming involved with other professionals in a local chapter can set you apart as the go-to for pest control, and could result in huge payoffs for your pest control company. 

BNI also allows potential members to shadow their chapters before making a final decision on which chapter best aligns with your pest control business and goals

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The job of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (COC) is to fight for the interests of business and free enterprise before:

  • Congress
  • The White House
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Courts
  • The court of public opinion; and 
  • Governments across the globe

Chambers of Commerce have national and local groups that accomplish this goal by:

  • Connecting COC members to other business leaders.
  • Keeping COC members informed of policy analysis and legal advice.
  • Providing a variety of business tools and resources to COC members.
  • Championing the cause of business in federal and local government.

Becoming a member of the Chamber of Commerce is as simple as joining a local chapter.

Angi (Formerly Angie’s List)

Previously known as Angie’s List, Angi is a website and app that allows users to search for professional contractors who can provide paid home improvement services — including pest control. 

Angi’s users are able to search for the home services they need, find trusted pros and fair pricing for their projects, and book the needed service instantly.

As a pest control owner, you can:

  • Easily register your business on the Angi site.
  • Communicate with customers and manage your leads with Angi’s exclusive tools.
  • Create and send estimates, request payments, and integrate with QuickBooks.
  • Maximize your ROI by using Angi’s business metrics to gather insight into customer behavior.

#3: Social Media Groups

These days, it seems that everyone has a social media group that can lend itself to referrals for your pest control company.

As you’re putting together your list of referral partners, be sure to check out:

  • Facebook buy/sell/trade groups
  • Instagram; and
  • Your local neighborhood groups

The only caveat you will want to be aware of is that some social media groups are very strict about solicitation. Before jumping into a group, take the time to check out their group rules and read the room about what others in the group are doing when it comes to referring their businesses. 

Keep an eye on what other group members are posting. Often people will ask for a recommendation for a reputable pest control company when they find a wasp’s nest or spot a cockroach skittering across their kitchen counter. If you’re on your own personal account, you can recommend your company or represent yourself as your company. Most social media groups are fine with this kind of communication, just be cautious when it comes to how you promote yourself in any posts you create.

#4: Contractors/Construction Companies

Local contractors and construction companies can also be potential options for referral partners for your pest control company.

If you're familiar with their work and confident in their reputation, you might be able to refer some of your clients to the contractor or construction company for building and remodeling in exchange for them recommending your pest control services.

#5: Churches/Religious Groups

Churches can be excellent referral partners for pest control companies. While the best option is always making an organic personal connection, some churches may allow you to place a short advertisement in their weekly church service bulletins or put a physical sign or business card on their bulletin boards.

In general, churches are a very niche group and tend to be very loyal. If you’re able to get a church as a pest control client, there’s a high potential of also getting the people who go to that church as clients.

#6: Mom Groups

Another one of the most loyal groups out there are moms. If they are happy with your services, they are likely to spread the word to their friends and families. MOPS and your local PTA can be great ways of finding referrals for your pest control company.


These days, there are tons of mom groups, especially on social media. MOPS, however, is one of the original mom groups that has stood the test of time and is still going strong. 

MOPS International is an organization that encourages and equips mothers of young children to realize their full potential as moms, women, and leaders — in a relationship with Jesus and in partnership with their local church.

With over 45,000 MOPS members and around 125,000 Facebook followers, MOPS moms don’t shy away from telling their friends about their favorite businesses. If you’re a mom, you can join a MOPS group near you and businesses can advertise in MOPS quarterly print magazine.


Sponsoring school events can be a way to bring in leads to many potential clients. Joining your local Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is the perfect way to get your pest control business involved in your local school community.

When PTA sponsors help out at school events, they are generally able to advertise their businesses on the event website, program, or t-shirt.

#7: Current Customers

Never underestimate the referral power of your current customers. And don't ever be afraid to ask a customer for a referral. 

Your customers are some of the best referral partners for pest control companies, and you can obtain referrals from them in a variety of different ways, such as:  

  • Customer testimonials on your website
  • Word of mouth
  • Google reviews
  • Facebook and Instagram reviews
  • Sharing on social media
  • And more

Referrals from happy customers are a powerful marketing tool because they boost your business’s credibility, increase your company visibility, and advertise the public’s positive experiences with your pest control company.

You can even create a customer referral program that offers incentives to customers whose friends or families decide to use your services. Incentives can be awarded in the form of specialty pest control services, credits for future services, or payment for any outstanding balances.

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