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Pest Control Tools That Allow You To Run Your Business Efficiently and Successfully

Are you drowning under a stack of paper receipts, ledgers, and spreadsheets? Are you a pest control business owner who knows you’re good at battling pests but can’t locate last month’s expense report? 

As a pest control business owner, you probably already use various pest control devices to battle pests. But would you like to be more efficient in your business practices? 

You know there has to be a better way than drowning under paperwork daily!

Check out our list of suggested pest control tools and equipment to help you run a more efficient and successful pest control business.

5 Types of Pest Control Tools Your Company Needs To Run Your Business

#1: Client Management Software (CRM)

Software used by companies to

  • Collect
  • Organize; and
  • Handle customer data 

… is called client management software. 

This software offers tools for managing different parts of the customer lifecycle, such as generating leads.

Businesses of any size can streamline processes and increase revenue by using client management software, and Cedar Pest offers the best pest control software available. 

With Cedar Pest’s pest control software, you can easily handle things such as: 

  • Scheduling and routing
  • Payment processing
  • Customer management
  • Reporting
  • Sales
  • And much more

Furthermore, Cedar Pest offers fully-functional pest control software with mobile apps for Android and iOS that allow you to access your account from anywhere.

Are you interested in learning more? Contact us today for your free demo.

#2: Financial Software

There are many benefits to leveraging technology for financial tasks, as it alleviates a lot of manual labor.

Financial software can help your business: 

  • Save money
  • Find growth opportunities; and
  • Increase efficiency

Check out two types of financial software that can help your business run more efficiently.

Accounting Software

The use of accounting software is an invaluable resource for modern businesses. 

Track financial transactions in detail using accounting softwareand reports and analyses can be generated almost instantly. In the past, these tasks were performed by hand, using large transaction journals.

Accounting software can also store large amounts of data without requiring physical space. Companies need less office space because they no longer need to store binders of data in large file rooms. The reduction of office space allows for cost savings.

Billing & Invoicing

Billing and invoicing are often two things many business owners dread the most. To save time and money, they look for a way to handle these tasks in one place.

Billing and invoicing software provide business owners with easy-to-use solutions to manage customers' bills. For example, some billing and invoicing software include payment reminders. This is an easy way to help ensure that customers pay on time. 

Because billing and invoicing software eliminate the need for paper records and manual calculations, this tool will make life as a business owner much more manageable.

#3: Job Reporting Software

Job reporting software allows you and your employees to share …

  • Forms
  • Invoices
  • Photos
  • Videos; and
  • Notes

… from each visit with a customer. 

Using job reporting software can transform data into easy-to-understand visualizations for your customers. This software is a great way to provide customers with the information they can see.

#4: Field Service Management Software

The field service management process covers the after-sale process of a product or service. Field service management typically involves managing a company's resources — such as equipment and employees — through a cloud-based platform. 

In pest control services, field service management software will assist in: 

  • Ensuring driver safety
  • Dispatching and scheduling jobs 
  • Managing worker activity
  • Fleet management
  • Tracking inventory; and 
  • Billing

#5: Employment Tools

Here are some additional tools to help you: 

  • Grow your business
  • Stay organized; and
  • Train employees

Professional Networking Websites

Developing mutually beneficial business relationships is the essence of networking. When you have an organized network of contacts and information, you can find what you need and provide what your network needs.

For example, in the case of commercial pest control, networking may be the most effective way to market your services to decision-makers.

Since we are living in a technology-driven world, the most convenient way to network is through networking websites.

Job Description Management Software

Job description management software helps HR professionals and companies manage job descriptions digitally. 

It can be challenging to write and manage job descriptions. By centralizing the process, job description management software eliminates inefficiency. 

By optimizing the way jobs are … 

  • Written
  • Distributed; and
  • Tracked 

… this software elevates the entire talent acquisition process.

With job management software, department heads and hiring managers can …

  • Create
  • Update; and
  • Manage job descriptions

… in less time and with greater accuracy, which is typically labor-intensive and inefficient.

Corporate Learning Management Systems

Companies can use corporate learning management systems to manage knowledge and train employees. Whenever employees need resource materials, these systems make them easily accessible.

Corporate learning management systems often come with:

  • Pre-built courses
  • Course templates; and 
  • Course authoring tools

Additionally, managers and HR professionals can customize the content as needed.

2 Additional Pest Control Tools Your Business Can Benefit From

#1: Review Services 

There are now services to help promote customers leaving reviews. These services often use email or SMS and work by engaging with your customers and requesting feedback and new reviews. 

It’s no secret that reviews can drive valuable leads to your business. A substantial majority of the public now incorporates customer ratings and reviews into their decision-making process. 

You benefit from positive online reviews because they validate your mission and the customer experience. Furthermore, they counteract bad press and negative reviews. Another perk to reviews is that they let you know what your customers like about your business — and what you should improve.

The most crucial benefit of online reviews is that they provide "social proof" to other potential customers as to what they can expect from your business.

#2: A Corporate Credit Card

Corporate credit cards are credit cards issued to company employees that allow them to charge their authorized business expenses without having to use their own card or cash. 

Corporate credit cards can make managing costs easier for employees (and employers). Do you have one person who has to order all the physical tools and products for the business? A corporate credit card would be beneficial for this person. 

In addition, in your pest control business, it might be a good idea for your employees to have a gas card to use when filling up the business vehicles.

4 Things To Look for When Searching for the Right Pest Control Tools for Your Business

#1: Ease of Integration

Though moving to a new platform is rarely convenient, it doesn't have to be painful.

Integrating new tools into your business should be seamless. It is for this reason that ease of integration is so crucial. 

When moving to new tools for your business, you don’t want to waste anyone’s time. In business, time means money, so it's essential not to waste it. 

The integration of Cedar Pest's software is efficient and straightforward.

Small pest control operators can simplify their …

  • IPM processes
  • Forms
  • Records; and
  • Much more

… with Cedar Pest’s pest control software.

Contact us for your free demo today.

#2: Security

In addition to containing the personal information of your customers, your software program will also have confidential information about your business. You must keep this information safe and secure. 

Besides protecting data while in use and at rest, software security can protect against system vulnerabilities, such as malware and ransomware.

The idea behind software security is to ensure the software is secure from the start. Adding additional layers of security should not be necessary to increase security. Whatever software you choose, ensure it has all the security features you need. 

Additionally, make sure your team is trained to use the software correctly to avoid being vulnerable to attacks.

#3: Simple Interface

Getting familiar with a new user interface shouldn't bog down your employees — especially when the deadline for go-live is fast approaching. 

Many business software solutions ignore the user interface altogether. There is, however, a growing expectation for simple functionality and streamlined displays to enable new and veteran business users to master business platforms quickly.

Keep your everyday team in mind when evaluating any business software. Usually, the best software is designed by developers who understand their clients' industry-specific needs.

Cedar Pest has a dedicated team of engineers and product designers that build tools and solutions to revolutionize: 

  • Daily operations
  • Customer experience; and 
  • Business insights

Our goal is to make a lasting impact on small pest control companies. 

Pest control companies need the best tools to succeed, and we are dedicated to bringing them to you.

#4: Support Options

It is possible to make or break a software's user-friendliness — depending on how many support options it has.

In addition to comprehensive help files and expert support, you should look for additional resources that can assist your employees in optimizing their performance. Make sure the software's support options work for you. 

Depending on the vendor, support may be provided by: 

  • Phone
  • Chat
  • Email; or 
  • In person

Ensure that the software solutions you select are backed by the support that works best for you and your employees.

The Ultimate Pest Control Tool for Your Business: Cedar Pest Software

Pest control is something we are experts at. Our software was designed by pest control operators for pest control operators. 

Our software platform allows you to:

  • Create the most fuel-efficient routes for your techs
  • Track your sales and pesticide use per customer
  • Send the right tech for the job
  • Automate customer billing
  • Quickly view client history
  • Make strategic decisions regarding the future of your business
  • And much, much more

Pest control operators all over the country must stay on top of the latest: 

  • Pest control technologies
  • Regulatory requirements; and
  • Business practices that affect their businesses

Cedar Pest understands this. 

Our team at Cedar Pest is ready to help you prepare your company for the future of pest control.

Do not hesitate — contact us today for your free demo.

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