Pest Control Customer Management Software

Equip your entire team with the tools needed to store and access client information in a way that ensures no data is lost — giving your technicians the ability to provide top-notch support.


Increase Profitability With Cedar Pest’s Customer Management Software

Cedar Pest’s customer management software feature makes organizing and storing pertinent client information simple.

With our cloud-based software and features, all the information your technicians need is at provide technicians with access to customer information Our cloud-based software allows technicians access to customer information from anywhere — in the field or the office.



Handle New and Existing Customer Profiles With Ease Using Cedar Pest’s Customer Management Features

With your current software, are you stuck lugging around paperwork from job to job or having to return to the office to input new clients’ — or update returning clients’ — information? 

Tired of wasting unnecessary time updating clients profiles, or trying to find information necessary to complete a job, instead of capturing leads and creating effective marketing strategies?

With Cedar Pest, managing customer profiles takes minutes, instead of hours, giving you the time you need to build your business.


Add Client Information With Ease

Creating client profiles has never been easier. Simply add, update, and manage all of the essential information in one place. All client related information, including …

  • Address updates
  • Payment information
  • Notes and customer preferences
  • Paid Invoices

… can be done from the app within seconds. Cedar Pest makes the process efficient and straightforward.


View Client History

Maintaining regularly scheduled appointments just got easier. Cedar Pest’s customer management software features enable technicians to see previous …

  • Price quotes 
  • Invoices
  • Services provided
  • Chemicals used
  • and more

… all in one place, ensuring that your technicians have everything they need to complete the job accurately and efficiently.

Client Search

Our search tool makes finding your clients’ history painless. Simply put in the name of your client into our search bar and Cedar Pest takes care of the rest. Now, you can view all pertinent information with the click of a button — from the office or the field.


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Our Pest Control Customer Management Software Features Go Above & Beyond Your Average Spreadsheets

Cedar Pest Software allows PCOs to ditch the clunky legacy software and stop using cumbersome spreadsheets to keep track of customers. 

With our features-based software pest control companies can not only add, track, and manage customers, but now, you have the ability to manage leads and adjust your marketing campaign to meet the needs of your customer base.

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FAQs About Our Pest Control Customer Management Software

Why Is pest control customer management software important?

Our pest control customer management software features can help keep your business organized and able to focus on what really matters:

  • Your customers satisfaciton
  • Generating leads
  • Maximizing marketing
  • Increasing profitability

Is switching to Cedar Pests Customer Management Software easy?

Absolutely. Cedar Pest makes it easy no matter what system you have in place. 

We understand that pest control operators can’t just “shut down” business for a week to set up a new system. With Cedar Pest, moving your customers' information and scheduled jobs to our software is seamless, taking very little time out of your day-to-day business.

For more information or to schedule a demo, give us a call today.

Is Cedar Pest mobile ready?

You can’t run a pest control business chained to your desk. You need access to all of your client info straight from the field.

Cedar Pest is 100% mobile-friendly, allowing your techs to stay fully connected to the control hub while out on the job.

Does Cedar pest integrate with other software programs?

Coming soon! Cedar Pest will be able to integrate with popular software programs such as QuickBooks, making it easy to manage your business your way.

What additional features are included in my Cedar Pest subscription?

Cedar Pest offers three plans designed and customized to fit the needs of any business.

From smaller, family-owned businesses to large chains servicing multiple locations in multiple cities, Cedar Pest has a plan for you. For more information about our plans and pricing, click here.