Sales Features for Pest Control Companies

View and manage all new and previous jobs all from one spot for maximum efficiency and scalability with Cedar Pest.


Increase Profitability With Cedar Pest’s Sales Software

Cedar Pest’s seamless features, powerful tools, and modern interface allow pest control operators to streamline their day-to-day operations.



Pest Control Sales Features

With Cedar Pest, you no longer need a literal paper trail to track sales. Now, all it takes is a few click of a mouse or the tap of a finger.

Our sales software allows technicians to quickly view client history, send contracts and view important notes to get every job done right.

Once you start using our sales tracking software features, we’re sure you’ll question why you didn’t make the switch sooner.


View Completed Work Orders From Anywhere

Stay up-to-date on your sales history with Cedar Pest’s sales software. Within seconds, and a few clicks, you can see customers’ service history, quotes, job notes, outstanding payments, and more.


Stay Up-to-Date on Important In-the-Field Notes

Never again will you have to rummage through old paperwork while second-guessing what chemicals and tools were used on a job. Cedar Pest allows you to record your usage in the field and have it sent to the office automatically.

Bridge the Gap Between the Office and Technicians in the Field

Ensure your technicians are organized and using their time wisely — with Cedar Pest’s sales feature you can equip your technicians with the information they need to provide top-notch services without the constant need for phone calls and unnecessary trips to the office. Technicians can complete jobs from the mobile app, add services to clients’ profiles, and create notes per service.


Custom Contracts

PCOs can create contracts, send them to clients, and receive signatures with the click of a button. Expedite processes and payments and ensure that your technicians are set up for success with custom contracts.

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Our Sales Software Makes Tracking Sales Simple

Start managing client history and upcoming jobs, viewing completed jobs, increasing efficiency, and saving money.

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FAQs About Our Pest Control Sales Software

What makes Cedar Pest’s Sales features different from other sales software?

Everything from tracking previous jobs, to staying up-to-date on details regarding current sales can be done within Cedar Pest’s sales software — all in real time from the field or in the office.

 Whether you need to let a client know that their back gate is locked, or to let a technician know that there’s a dog on the premise — our interactive software makes communication a breeze.

Can I view multiple sales in the same place?

Yes! Each customer profile — their addresses, forms of payment, job history — can be viewed in one place! Our sales feature is easy to navigate and keeps every appointment organized under the customer’s profile. No more going through monthly files to find your recurring visits or trying to recall the products used during your last visit.

Is Cedar Pest Sales software mobile-ready?

Cedar Pest is 100% mobile-friendly, allowing your techs to stay fully connected to the control hub while in the field or when leaving the office. Ready to help your technicians increase efficiency? Simply sign up with us and your technicians can download the app to their mobile devices.

Where Is client data stored?

All of our client information is safely stored within a cloud-based storage that offers multiple security layers. Never worry about losing important client information, or questioning which contract was — or wasn’t — signed. Data privacy is built into our software to ensure you’re complying with necessary regulations.

All of your client information is easy to manage thanks to Cedar Pest’s sales software.